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 2013 Project to Help Students of African  
 Descent and their Associates Achieve 
 Lasting Success in Africa and America

The Queen of Sheba Foundation (QSF) has proposed to launch

its goal to increase professional and business opportunities for students of African descent and their associates upon graduation.  QSF will accomplish this by promoting a better understanding of Africa’s ancient heritage as the best leverage for cultivating present and future relationships between Africa and America as Africa continues its emergence in the new global marketplace.

The Lion of Judah: Prince Ermias Speaks Before the Library of Congress

December 9, 2010 - Washington, D.C.

Friends of the Queen of Sheba

Ethiopia Stretches Forth Her Arms to the Black Church in Chicago
June 28, 2014

Members of Chicago's black clergy receive His Royal Highness Prince Ermias Sahle-Selassie and Princess Saba Kebede of Ethiopia at a Shephard's Reception, where they received His Highness, laid their hands upon him, and blessed him in the name of the Holy Spirit. The reception was hosted in partnership with Ethiopian Diamond Restaurant, Bishops Larry D. Trotter and Roger Phillips,  Sr of the New Century Fellowship of Churches and Ministries, and the Queen of Sheba Research Foundation.

Collaborations in Institutions of Higher Education in Africa     October 23, 2010 - Boston University

Queen of Sheba to Host Ethiopian Prince Ermias Sahle Selasie on His First Visit to
Chicago in June 2014

Dr. Cheikh Tidiane Gadio, Fmr. Foreign Minister of Senegal speaks at Boston University, College of Communications, about the best strategy for the development of Africa through education. 


Dr. Robert B. Kennon and President of Sacramento City College Speak to Student Members of the Queen of Sheba Foundation

May 30, 1991.  Sacramento, California

"We need these sort of people (African leaders) to be aware of what we are trying to do here (U.S.)...and to have (more) information on them and their (African) programs"


New Historical and Educational

Organization on Campus

By Nicole Jackson, Sacramento City College, Express News
March 5, 1992

QSF Course on Ancient Ethiopian Civilization Offered at Chicago State University                 Fall 2013

"It is said that Egypt was the “Light of the World,” but what has been hidden is that Ethiopia was the Light in Egypt’s Eyes."

"Students are required to actively participate in class discussions, investigative research, and field trips to the Oriental Institute and the Field Museum of Natural History."

Anchor 1

"... the foundation promotes high academic achievement and strives to match student's skills with sources capital, primarily from Africa..."


"Many of these (leaders)...are interested in hiring students of African descent in their business development programs."

17 Black Scholars Every Teacher Should Teach

President Obama Holds Town Hall Meeting With Young African Leaders          August 3, 2010 - Washington, D.C.

"The interests of the United States and the interests of the continent of Africa greatly overlap."

"We are rooting for your success!

1. Cheik Anta Diop  
   - The Origin of the Ancient Egyptians; In 1974, Dr. Diop        presented this research paper at the United Nations   

      (UNESCO) Symposium on The Peopling of Ancient Egypt

      and the Decifering of Meroitc Script, a 7-day conference,

      held in Cairo, Egypt*.    

   - *Diop and Congolese Theophle Obenga went up against

       20 of the best/brightest international experts on ancient

       civilization and provided irrifutable proof of the

       southern/African origins of Egyptian civilzation. This has

       been the only time the subject has been formally debated

       among worlwide panel of experts. Below is the statement

       of the U.N. Rapporteur in the Symposium's Summary


       "Although the preparatory working paper sent out by 

        UNESCO gave particulars of what was desired, not all

        participants had prepared communications comparable

        with the painstakingly researched contributions of

        Professors Cheikh Anta Diop and Obenga."  

2. Drusilla Dunjee Houston
    - Wonderful Ethiopians of the Cushite Empire 
3. Rev. Sterling Means
     - Ethiopia, the Missing Link in African History
4. George G.M. James
   - Stolen Legacy 
5. John G. Jackson
    - The Ethiopian Origin of Civilization 
    - Christianity Before Christ
    - Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth 
6. Dr. Yusuf Ben-Jochannan
    - Black Man of the Nile
    - Chronology of the Bible
7. John Henrik Clarke
8. Ivan Van Sertima
    - They Came Before Columbus  
9. Chancellor Williams
   - The Destruction of Black Civilzation
10. Asa Hilliard
11. J.A. Rogers
   - Sex and Race, Vol I, Vol II
12. William Leo Hansberry
13. Runoko Rashidi
14. Asa Hilliard
15. Theophile Obenga
16. Ashra Kwesi

17. Charles Finch

 (and others)

Related Resources and Research

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