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Project to Help College Students of African Descent Achieve Lasting Success in Africa and America

The Queen of Sheba Foundation (QSF) has proposed to launch its goal to increase professional and business opportunities for students of African descent and their associates upon graduation.  QSF will accomplish this by promoting a better understanding of Africa’s ancient heritage as the best solution for effective cultivation present and future relationships between Africa and America as Africa continues its emergence in the new global marketplace.  

Africa’s ancient past remains largely misunderstood and overlooked by a great many people in the modern world of academia and popular culture.  Both Western scholarship and African/African-American leadership have been slow in helping to alleviate this unfortunate circumstance, which can handicap the motivations and aspirations of young people to be successful in school and to build successful professional and business careers upon completion of their studies.  

QSF will help to address this problem by promoting the need for, as well as providing, an educational supplement for college students of African descent and others which is focused on the classical African civilizations of Ethiopia and Egypt (Kush and Kemet). 

QSF developed a course curriculum entitled Ancient Kush-Ethiopia: The Light in Egypt’s Eyes, which was offered at Chicago State University during the Fall Semester of 2013.  QSF seeks partnerships among leaders in education, government, and business in both Africa and America to help promote and provide, online or on campus, this unique opportunity to promote a new narrative and perspective regarding Africa’s contributions to ancient and modern world society for both students and professionals worldwide.

QSF has chosen Senegal as its first collegiate and country partner.  Fittingly, the QSF is promoting the idea that Senegal will now become a new “Door of Our Return" to a better understanding of Africa's heritage and contributions to the world.  QSF will offer the following services, in addition to its curriculum offering:

     •    Our Inaugural Course on Ancient Ethiopian  

          (Kushite) Civilization will be taught at Chicago  
          State University, Fall 2013

     •   QSF Historical Travel and Learn Tours


     •    Research Projects and Business Plan

          contests to collaborate in sector development

          projects in Senegal, West Africa

     •    The Robert B. Kennon Lecture Series

          (Public/Private U.S./Africa leaders)


     •   The QSF Mentorship Program Between                    African & African-American leaders and       


The future success of today’s students of African descent in reaching their potential, and thus contributing to both Africa’s and America’s prosperity, can only be maximized by possessing a greater understanding of Africa’s past to use as a model for high achievement and as a motivator for lasting success.  These are the types of students that Africa and America needs as future cultural and business leaders in order to properly address the key areas considered as continental domains of competence which African leaders have outlined as crucial to Africa’s success on the world stage.

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