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Dr. Robert Kennon, (Lij Makonnen), center, plays host to the entourage of the Crown Prince of Ethiopia.

October 2, 1959.

QSF was founded in 1989 by the late Dr. Robert B. Kennon, PhD (Lij Makonnen), an African-American Sacramento City College political science instructor, international businessman, and a personal advisor to Haile Selassie I on modernization and industrial development in Ethiopia.


The mission of the Queen of Sheba Historical and Educational Research Foundation (QSF) is to educate the public about the impact of African Nile Valley civilizations on ancient and modern society as a means to facilitate maximum intellectual and cultural exchange between America and Africa.

The world today requires a new strategy for cross-cultural engagement with Africa.  This strategy should be focused on changing the popular historical narrative and image of Africa from that of suffering and stagnation to one which emphasizes what Africa has given to the world, rather than what it has lost. 

As Africa continues to emerge in the evolving global marketplace, we believe that offering to the public a stronger foundation from which to understand and relate to Africa, as a place of inspiration, rather than desperation, will offer a proper and more productive perspective with which to find the greatest success in present and future relationships between America and Africa.

Queen of Sheba Research Foundation manages two offices in the United States:  


Sacramento, California - National Headquarters:


  • Nathaniel Mayes, III, President              

       Historical Researcher/Editor

       Telephone: (916) 705-7742                                 

  • Mamor Mbacke, Vice President African Affairs

       (916) 604-1637

Chicago, Illinois - International Headquarters:


  • Wolette Selassie, President & CEO                           Senior Historical Investigative Researcher Planning and Development - Special Educational Events

      Television & Radio Productions, Public Relations

      Telephone:  (773) 268-1000                                      

Executive Board


  • Nathaniel Mayes, Chair  

  • Wolette Selassie, Vice Chair

  • Mamor Mbacke, Secretary

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